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3rd Nepalese Food Festival 2024

The Nepali Food Festival in Belgium, organized by the Nepali Business Association Belgium in collaboration with the Nepali Embassy in Belgium, NRNA Belgium, and other organizations, aimed to promote Nepali cuisine and tourism in Europe. The event showcased 15 food stalls offering a diverse array of traditional Nepali dishes from different regions of Nepal, allowing guests to experience the country’s rich culinary heritage. Additionally, two stalls were dedicated to Nepali handicrafts, aiming to introduce these cultural items to the European market.


Jagdish Sapkota, General Secretary of the Nepali Business Association Belgium, mentioned that visitors were educated about the unique utensils and spices used in Nepali cooking, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the cuisine.


The festival was inaugurated by Mayor Mohammad Ridouani of Leuven Municipality, who acknowledged the presence of a multicultural community in Leuven, with residents from over 156 countries. He expressed optimism about strengthening the relationship between Nepal and the local community in the future.


Nepali Ambassador to Belgium and the EU, Gehendra Raj Bhandari, highlighted that Belgians have a lasting appreciation for Nepali food and culture. He stressed that such events serve as a bridge, fostering connections between the people of Nepal and Belgium. Bhandari noted the participation of ambassadors from over 15 countries, along with Belgian government and European Union officials, who attended and enjoyed the Nepali delicacies.


Prominent figures such as Paula Pampaloni, Deputy Director of the European Union, Belgian Parliament Member Ebum, and Else Van Hoes, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, were among the attendees. Local Belgian citizens also participated widely, reflecting the event’s broad appeal.


Sita Sapkota, president of NRNA Belgium, praised NEBAB’s efforts in promoting Nepali food and culture, emphasizing that such recognition in Europe supports Nepal’s tourism promotion. The festival organizers, including festival coordinator Abam Vice President Kasi Danai, President Chiran Kumar Khawas, and Ambassador Rajbhandari, welcomed the guests with tokens of appreciation.


NEBAB officials, including Acting President Yamu Niraula, General Secretary Jagdish Sapkota, Secretary Baburam Sharma, and member Bedraj Puri, honored the individuals and artists who set up food stalls and served dishes at the event. Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed traditional Nepali dances and cultural performances, which added vibrancy to the festival and showcased the artistic heritage of Nepal.


Overall, the Nepali Food Festival in Belgium was a resounding success, promoting Nepali cuisine and culture, strengthening bilateral relationships, and enhancing tourism prospects for Nepal in Europe.

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